Oliver, the Chocolate Baker
Illustration for children's book
“Oliver, the Chocolate Baker” is a picture book I have written and illustrated.
Little Oliver has to fill in for the royal baker. Mysteriously the precious book containing all the favorite recipes of the court is lost and Oliver has no idea how to bake for the queen. Strange things happen in the oven, but with the help and encouragement from Princess Molly, Oliver finally succeeds to make the most delicious chocolate chip cookies.

I wanted the cakes in the book to look really delicious, so I decided to use photos and collage technique. I baked cakes and cookies at home and photographed them on the kitchen table. I love chocolate, so making of the book was a joy.

To my experience most children love baking. I hope that this book, which also contains at the end my family's favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, will inspire lots of fun baking.

The book was published in Finland (Karisto Oy, 2013) with the original title "Suklaaleipuri".
It is available in english as paperback from Amazon.com:
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