I illustrate, paint and write novels.

I discovered my passion for illustration fifteen years ago when I went back to my childhood hobby of drawing. I took art classes at evening school and started to illustrate my own stories. Watercolour is my favourite media; I instantly fell in love with its translucent, soft colour. I like designing characters, mainly children and animals and I also like botanical subjects.

I have PhD in molecular biology and have been working as a research scientist for 20 years. Exploring new things has been part of my work all the time and I apply the same in writing and illustration. I want to learn something each day and to take up new challenges.

I was born in Finland, but spent my childhood in Japan. After finishing high-school in Finland, I moved to Israel, where I lived for 15 years. I have been influenced by three cultures different from each other and I consider this an enormous gift. In my stories I try to find the universal human feelings that unite us despite different customs and beliefs.

Currently I live in Espoo (Helsinki area), in a beautiful northern country, Finland. You can contact me by e-mail: sini.ezer@yahoo.


Finland: Karisto Oy, Paletti Oy, Posti   
Japan: Shinhyoron Publishing Ltd.


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